The Latest Kamov Ka-32A11M Firefighting Helicopter makes an International debut

Russian Helicopters, part of Rostec, has unveiled the Kamov Ka-32А11М helicopter, the latest version of one of the world’s top firefighting helicopters, at the Dubai Airshow. The upgraded rotorcraft has thus made its international debut. The rotorcraft has become an instant hit with the global expert community.

The Kamov Ka-32А11М represents a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the Ka-32А11VS. The game-changing features include the newest Russian-made digital-controlled engines, the digital navigation system, and the state-of-the-art firefighting and rescue operations equipment. 

The Ka-32А11М comes with SP-32, the newest Russian-produced fire-extinguishing system, with a capacity of 4,000L of water and 400L of a foam agent. The craft’s biggest perk, though, is that water is electrically heated, which helps sustain firefighting operations at –20C. This is the never-before-used innovative technology. 

A water cannon ensures that the Ka-32А11М is capable of performing horizontal firefighting maneuvers on high-rises—which is essential for the UAE—and on oil and gas facilities amid heavy smoke. The rotorcraft can optionally be kitted out with the VSU-5 helibucket.

“At the Dubai Airshow, we have rolled out some one-of-a-kind helicopters with a high export potential, including the Kamov Ka-32А11М, which drew the attention of experts and possible customers. The Ka-32 family’s efficiency has earned it international acclaim. Over 180 of these helicopters are operated in 20 countries worldwide. Should the operators say so, we can upgrade all of them to the Ka-32А11М specs,” said Dmitry Zuykov, Marketing Director at Russian Helicopters.

The VK-2500PS-02 engines feature enhanced power when used at maximum and emergency capacity, which is largely due to fine-tuned temperature adjustments facilitated by the BARK automated digital controls.  These engines help the helicopter operate in hot climates and in mountainous areas, which is a big advantage when it comes to wildfires and rescue operations.

The helicopter comes with a flight display digital navigation system, referred to as the “glass cockpit,” which helps crew better cope with challenging conditions and boosts situational awareness.

One of the Kamov Ka-32А11М’s fortes is its augmented maneuverability and ability to withstand the toughest flight conditions aided by the coaxial dual-rotor design. It makes the helicopter easier to pilot, compared to the traditional design, helps maintain a steady hovering flight, renders it more maneuverable, and ensures a high thrust-to-weight ratio. This is instrumental in rescue operations, logging operations, cargo transportation, and firefighting in high-risk ground settings as well as in dense urban areas, including close to high-rises, when both the motion and the hover may be hindered by dangerous wind shear.


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