Southwest Airlines Modifies Wi-Fi Costs

Southwest Airlines offers multiple point-to-point flights, thus the cost of Wi-Fi is $8 per day from February 21, 2023. Undoubtedly this change will have an impact on a significant number of passengers according to View, from the Wing. 

Why did Southwest abruptly change the price of their Wi-Fi?

As the airline transitions several of its aircraft to Viasat (the best inflight Wi-Fi available, used by American, Delta, and JetBlue), Southwest is aiming to improve its inflight Wi-Fi.

Southwest will be able to use two Wi-Fi vendors without having to combine the two payment systems by billing for Wi-Fi per trip as opposed to per day. Due to the pricing structure’s resemblance to that of many other airlines, Southwest asserts that billing by the flight will provide a familiar experience for many customers. Even with this change, Southwest’s Wi-Fi pricing will remain competitive. While JetBlue and Delta lead the way by a long shot (with free Wi-Fi on many planes), Alaska also charges $8 per flight for Wi-Fi. United, meanwhile, charges $8 per day, while American has variable pricing.


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