Saudia Cargo expands European services

Saudia Cargo has signed a strategic agreement with Jan de Rijk – a prominent European transportation and logistics company, to expand its reach in Europe.

As part of the agreement, Saudia Cargo will leverage Jan de Rijk’s comprehensive trucking network, which includes a fleet of specialized vehicles, to strengthen its operations and expand its presence in Europe.

Jan de Rijk Logistics operates in five key business units: international transport, Benelux distribution and last-mile deliveries, contract logistics, road freight forwarding, and intermodal transport. The company has consistently focused on continuous development and optimization, which has earned it a leading position in its critical market segments. Jan de Rijk Co. has earned a reputation for providing efficient and reliable services tailored to the unique requirements of its clients, with a strong commitment to customer-centric solutions.

The collaboration between Saudia Cargo and Jan de Rijk represents a significant milestone in Saudia Cargo’s growth strategy, as it opens up new opportunities and strengthens its European operations. By tapping into Jan de Rijk’s extensive network and specialized vehicles, Saudia Cargo aims to enhance its service offerings and deliver seamless end-to-end logistics solutions to its customers.

Teddy Zebitz, CEO of Saudia Cargo, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Jan de Rijk Co., stating that it will enable Saudia Cargo to extend its footprint in Europe and offer improved logistics services to its valuable customers. Both companies share a common mission towards sustainability, which is of utmost importance for the air cargo industry. By adopting sustainable practices, air cargo carriers can contribute to environmental protection, safety improvement, and enhanced brand reputation. Together, Saudia Cargo and Jan de Rijk aim to enhance their offerings with innovative and efficient solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the regional and global market.


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