Saudi Arabia based Pilot Training Center Signs Agreement with Flight Simulator Manufacturer and Training Provider

Prince Sultan Aviation Academy (PSAA), situated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and FlightSafety International have agreed to a five-year contract that will see both companies’ cooperation in aviation training grow.

Through the relationship, PSAA will be able to work with FlightSafety to develop programs for aviation training, maintenance training, and operational excellence. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s broad client base will be covered by some training programs.

With our new arrangement to train our Saudi clients, FlightSafety is happy to continue its 20-year legacy of keeping Saudi Airline and PSAA pilots trained and prepared.

“FlightSafety looks forward to supporting PSAA and other Saudi operators with industry-leading training,” said Nathan Speiser, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FlightSafety.

“Our partnership with FlightSafety will enhance the training programs at PSAA to equip aviation professionals with relevant skills,” said Captain Ismael Koshy, CEO of PSAA. “We’re all very excited by this new collaboration as we know the program quality at FlightSafety is of a world-class standard, adapting perfectly to PSAA’s training philosophy. We certainly look forward to working with FlightSafety benefiting many aviation professionals in the Kingdom. This partnership will prove pivotal in meeting the objective of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by supporting aviation training in our country.”


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