Honeywell launches device that mitigates ‘Cellular Interference for Aircraft’

Honeywell’s Type J DLNA (Diplexer/Low Noise Amplifier) has received Technical Standard Orders approval and was specifically engineered as an enhancement for customers utilizing Inmarsat’s L-band network. This Type J DLNA from Honeywell is designed to counteract interference from Ancillary Terrestrial Component networks, which are being deployed in the continental United States, as well as certain global LTE and 5G cellular networks operating in frequency bands adjacent to Inmarsat’s L-band network.

By adopting the Type J DLNA, aircraft operators who rely on these satellite communication (satcom) systems in areas close to Ancillary Terrestrial Component networks in the continental United States and other regions with globally deployed LTE and 5G ground stations can prevent service disruptions caused by cellular interference, which can lead to costly flight delays.

Steve Hadden, Vice President and General Manager of Services and Connectivity at Honeywell Aerospace, noted the global concern regarding potential interference between certain 5G services and some aircraft satcom systems. He explained that the Type J DLNA can help mitigate these effects. Additionally, he highlighted that the upgrade allows airlines and aircraft operators to maintain access to Future Air Navigation System routes, optimizing altitude and reducing fuel consumption, ultimately resulting in shorter flight durations, reduced fuel costs, and improved overall flight safety.

The Type J DLNA is a single line-replaceable unit upgrade designed for existing L-band satcom systems operating on Inmarsat’s L-band network. Importantly, it enables the continued operation of an airline’s or operator’s critical satcom networks without necessitating changes to aircraft wiring, connector interfaces, or mounting provisions. Moreover, it doesn’t require the replacement of existing satcom terminals and antennas.

This upgrade option is available to all operators using Class 6 or 7 satcom systems in commercial, defense, business, general aviation, and ATR segments, whether for retrofitting or line-fit applications. The Type J DLNA fully complies with the specifications outlined in ARINC Characteristic 781-8 and RTCA DO-262F for Type J DLNA.


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