Halcon effectively addressing the challenge posed by saturation attacks

One company offering a solution in this regard is the Edge Group, based in Abu Dhabi. One of its subsidiaries, Halcon, will be presenting details about Skyknight, a counter rocket, artillery, and mortar (C-RAM) missile system. This highly advanced, rapidly deployable short-range air defense system is designed to provide comprehensive protection against incoming short-range threats from all directions.

The company emphasizes that Skyknight’s versatility, exceptional flexibility, and adaptability make it an excellent choice for military forces operating in the ever-evolving security landscape of today. The Skyknight missile is equipped with an advanced guidance system that precisely tracks and engages incoming threats.

Using its active radar seeker to detect and track targets, it can intercept threats at a range of 10 kilometers, functioning effectively in all weather conditions. The missile launcher unit (MLU) is equipped with a 3D search radar, which allows for flexible target designation, ensuring effective protection in various environments, including urban areas and on the battlefield.

One distinctive feature of the Skyknight system, especially relevant in modern conflicts, is its capability to counter saturation attacks. The MLU contains 60 missiles and has a high rate of fire, capable of launching up to 20 missiles in rapid succession per MLU. This means the system can quickly track and neutralize up to 60 incoming targets, effectively countering tactics involving decoys, overwhelming numbers, and swarm attacks.

The Skyknight missile also boasts a highly maneuverable airframe with finely tuned actuators and fins, enabling it to perform rapid maneuvers, making it difficult for threats to evade interception.

Whether it’s truck-mounted or installed in a fixed location, the Skyknight system offers protection for both stationary and mobile assets. This versatility makes it suitable for various applications, including safeguarding critical infrastructure, protecting civilian populations, and providing mobile air defense for convoys. This adaptability in deployment allows end-users to adjust their air defense strategies as threats evolve and the operational theater changes.

Halcon highlights that Skyknight’s advanced guidance system, dual-action warhead, high agility, ability to operate in complex environments, counter saturation attacks, and high lethality provide operators with the confidence to protect their airspace from a range of increasingly sophisticated and evolving airborne threats.

Halcon will be showcasing the Skyknight system along with the Edge Group at the Dubai Air Show, scheduled to take place from November 13-17 at Dubai World Central.


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