Groupe ADP Designs the First Comprehensive Engineering and Consulting Offer To Sustain All Airports Transformation Projects

Amid today’s growth and sustainability challenges, the global airport industry is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way we travel. On one hand, some global have managed to navigate and embrace new environmental and social challenges. On the other hand, other airports are experiencing rapid traffic growth and are seeking to further expand their operations by opening new airports or expanding existing infrastructure.

Setting up more sustainable and resilient models, innovating in terms of construction and passenger experience, and thinking of the airport in a low-carbon way, as a natural extension of the city. These are the challenges the sector is facing today to invent the airport of the future.

With 70 years of experience, Groupe ADP has gradually established itself as the world leader in the airport sector. As one of the few pure players in the industry, it operates across the entire airport value chain, from design to investment and operations.

The identity of Groupe ADP, which was born in France, is today multilocal, as evidenced by its presence in 50 countries and 125 different airports as operator, investor, or consultant. This presence has enabled it to be as close as possible to its customers and partners, by understanding the local issues and socio-political and cultural contexts.

Groupe ADP Airport Services offer was created to answer these challenges and values and support their clients in the transition towards the airport of tomorrow, an airport that is sustainable, experiential, agile, inclusive, and accessible, an airport that creates value for its region and communities. As the world leader in airport solutions, Groupe ADP shares the experience it has acquired in Paris and in its network of airports around the world to help its clients get the most insightful feedback.

This offer brings together its expertise in consulting and engineering as well as a wide range of high value-added services, from innovation and sustainable development to lounge management, operations, and smart airport systems, and is structured around 3 pillars:

An airport is home to a constantly evolving infrastructure that is becoming increasingly complex due to the new demands of passengers and all stakeholders in terms of security, comfort, hospitality, connectivity, and climate resilience.

• Infrastructure development: from feasibility studies to large-scale infrastructure projects, this expertise aims at developing more resilient and sustainable airport infrastructures.

• Airport operations: a range of technical services that guarantee the highest standards in terms of facility operation and maintenance (terminals, baggage facilities, runways, etc.), safety and security, and passenger experience, meeting the challenges of airport stakeholders (airlines and service providers) to achieve world-class performance, particularly in terms of operations management and energy transition.

• Asset performance: a high-level consulting expertise to optimize return on investment and develop aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues (from stores, lounges, real estate, etc.). This also includes planning and optimizing operating expenses and defining long-term industrial investment strategies as well as aviation marketing policies.

Over the past two decades, Groupe ADP has led and delivered more than 1,000 airport projects on its platforms and for airports around the world, thanks to a unique combination of expertise and know-how coupled with an international network of teams deployed across the globe.

Its Expertise to plan, design and operate efficient and sustainable infrastructures.

Designing highly efficient and robust airports with a low carbon footprint that meet the new expectations of passengers and airlines has become a major challenge in the foreseeable future. The airport infrastructures will contribute to the long-term viability of airports in an aviation industry that is committed to decarbonization.

“Groupe ADP Airport Services” encompasses a complete range of technical and managerial services designed to achieve operational excellence and the best international standards. The various areas of expertise brought together under the “Groupe ADP Airport Services” banner (planning, architecture and design, engineering, program management, project management, operations, etc.) aim to design and develop more sustainable and innovative airport infrastructures and solutions that will be future proof, supporting clients from the initial phase of programming and feasibility studies to the completion of projects. Projects scope range from the construction of a new “greenfield “airport to the renovation of an existing terminal or the upgrading of a runway or baggage sorting facility and can include support for operational management in a process of structuring the supervision and control of processes and infrastructures.

The strategic planning and technical consulting or project management solutions implemented are adapted to each stage of the airport’s life-cycle. The offering is also complemented by a training offer the Airport Academy in association with TAV Academy and GMR Aviation Academy, providing a wide range of training programs to worldwide customers.

The below highlights several key projects that were recently delivered by Groupe ADP Airport Services across a wide range of topics:

On the operational offering: In 2018 Groupe ADP signed a contract to assist in the management of the Cotonou airport in Benin, to meet the airport’s development challenges, ensure the compliance of facilities and train staff.

On the air connectivity offering: Groupe ADP worked with the Cotonou airport’s teams on a route development strategy to improve air connectivity which led Corsair airline to launch a regular Paris- Cotonou route in November 2022.

On the mobility and innovation offering: In November 2022, Groupe ADP have partnered up with Abu Dhabi Airports Company to explore the feasibility of Advanced Air Mobility in Abu Dhabi. As part of this collaboration, Groupe ADP will be looking into the planning, design, development and operations of Advanced Air Mobility ground infrastructure, leveraging their unique expertise and learnings from the Parisian ecosystem and other leading projects.

On the travel retail and passengers experience offering: In 2023, Groupe ADP launched Extime, its new airport retail and hospitality brand. Extime is part of the Groupe ADP’s 2025 Pioneers strategic roadmap and intends to build the foundation of a new airport model focused on hospitality, sustainability, and performance. Through branded services, a loyalty program, a marketplace, and a Boutique Terminal design, Extime offers passengers a unique experience in a restricted area.

Today, with the reopening of Terminal 1 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Groupe ADP reveals the first Extime “show flat” This illustrates the ambition of the group in terms of commercial offer, design, layout of spaces and services, all made available to passengers.

The objective is to bring the Extime brand to other airports around the world using a franchise business model. First, this brand consists in providing passengers with an exceptional level of service, design, and commercial offers in the boarding spaces. Secondly, it also seeks to increase the airport turnover per passenger and multiplies the synergies between the various players.

This franchise will be deployed in harmony with each country, city, airport and terminal, and will be structured around three ranges as per the typology of the passengers: Lifestyle, Premium and Exclusive.


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