Google guarantees some flights won’t be cheaper

Flyers can now make sure they are receiving the best deal on their flights with a new method. Google Flights has been testing its Price Guarantee since April 3. This feature enables users to book tickets with airlines like American Airlines and Alaska Airlines with the confidence that, should the price of their journey later decline, they will receive a reimbursement for the difference.

Customers who book one of the price-protected flights through Google Flights will have the difference instantly refunded if the price decreases. The price will be tracked daily. According to the well-known travel service, the Price Guarantee is “only offered for flights for which we’re convinced that the price won’t drop.”

When looking for flights, you can spot the Price Guarantee by looking for the Price Guarantee badge. Refund requests will be handled by Google Flights within 48 hours of the price change.

As you may expect, there are a number of terms and conditions that come with Google Flights’ Price Guarantee. These include:

  • The Price Guarantee is currently only available on selected flights (one-way or return) departing from the US
  • Tickets must be booked through Google Flights
  • The maximum total amount to be refunded in one calendar year is $500
  • Customers can have a maximum of three open Price Guarantees at any one time
  • If the price difference is less than $5, no refund will be paidThe customer will need to have a Google Pay account to receive the refund.

How many flights will be offered with the Price Promise on Google Flights is still unknown. No Price Guarantee flights were available after many Google Flights searches by Easy Flying spanning numerous itineraries on numerous different days in the upcoming months.
It’s also important to keep in mind that some airlines, like Southwest Airlines, don’t promote their rates on independent booking websites, so it often pays to compare pricing.

Many competing online travel agencies provide some sort of price guarantee, but often demand that the user locate the lower rate on their own and then notify the website of it. For instance, the flight price guarantee on Orbitz is only valid for 24 hours after the purchase, in contrast to the guarantee on Google Flights, which is valid up to the departure date.
Customers may currently use Google Flights to determine whether the cost of flights is low, average, or high in comparison to historical norms. Its Price Guarantee now goes a step further and could be a genuine game-changer for consumers looking for the most affordable flights in the US by giving them the assurance that they won’t lose money if the price reduces.


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