Emirates’ Airbus A380 landing gear will undergo maintenance by Lufthansa in London

The vast A380 aircraft owned by Emirates is being maintained for the first time by the German company, Lufthansa Technik.
Emirates has awarded two contracts to Lufthansa Technik to maintain its 119-strong Airbus A380 aircraft. The first overhaul of a landing gear will start in August at the German company’s facility close to London Airport (LHR). Notably, Emirates has now contracted with the company for the first time from its own expansive MRO facilities to provide base maintenance for the A380 fleet.
The biggest A380 operator, Emirates, and Lufthansa Technik announced their new cooperation last week. The first contract is for servicing landing gear. At Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services, which is three miles from London Heathrow Airport, the initial overhaul will happen in August.

The procedure will restore the shipsets to “as-good-as-new” condition and make them once more usable. The first batch will arrive in August, and the arrangement is expected to last for years because there won’t be a scarcity of planes to maintain.
After 14 years, Emirates has chosen to contract with a third party for base maintenance of its Airbus A380. At its facilities in Manila, Lufthansa Technik will do extensive repairs on the superjumbo. The company is investing in a new A380 overhaul line in the Philippines to handle more aircraft in the near future in order to fulfill this contract. In January, the first A380 traveled to Manila for in-depth servicing.

Emirates Engineering has successfully maintained 145 more Boeing 777s in addition to the 119-strong A380 fleet for many years. To the satisfaction of other MRO companies, the airline is looking to collaborate and outsource certain work as capacity only increases.

One of the most severely affected areas of the business during COVID was aircraft maintenance, with airlines postponing pricey checkups and programs in order to save money. Emirates is a perfect illustration of how the business is thriving once more as jets leave the parking lot and enter service. Expect some unusual flights from Dubai to Manila in the near future as the A380 overhaul line for Lufthansa Technik is scheduled to open in the second half of 2023.


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