Christian Scherer CEO of Airbus’ Commercial Aircraft business

European aerospace giant Airbus has selected Christian Scherer as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) responsible for overseeing its entire commercial aircraft business. This appointment marks a significant change in leadership within Airbus’ Executive Committee and establishes a dedicated leader to helm the Commercial Aircraft division.

In explaining this move, Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury noted that since 2019, the leadership roles of Airbus and its Commercial Aircraft division had been merged to enhance alignment and accelerate decision-making during a period marked by numerous challenges and transformations. With this new appointment, Airbus aims to streamline its focus on the success of the Commercial Aircraft business while allowing Faury to dedicate more of his time to guiding Airbus in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Faury expressed his confidence in Christian Scherer, emphasizing their five-year collaboration and Scherer’s business expertise. He looks forward to working closely with Scherer to realize Airbus’ ambitious goals.

Christian Scherer, in response, conveyed his commitment to leveraging his passion and the collective effort of Team Airbus to serve customers, achieve operational objectives, enhance ongoing improvements, and shape the future of Airbus products and services. He also highlighted the importance of collaborating with global partners and suppliers to advance their joint roadmap for decarbonizing the aviation industry.


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