Boeing to halt F/A-18 manufacture by end-2025

Boeing’s F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is rapidly approaching the end of its production run.

After delivering the final plane to the US Navy on February 23, Boeing announced plans to end the manufacture of the legendary fourth-generation fighter in late 2025. (USN).

According to Cirium statistics, Boeing, which manufactures F/A-18s in St. Louis, Missouri, still has 76 F/A-18E/Fs on order from the Navy.

According to the airframer, if a non-US customer placed further orders, production might be extended until 2027. The Dassault Rafale M has also been offered to the Indian navy, which has been reviewing the F/A-18F for prospective deployment as a carrier-based fighter.

The corporation describes the change as enabling it to concentrate more on creating next-generation military aircraft.

Boeing claims it will continue to be a major player in St. Louis and has plans to erect “three new state-of-the-art facilities” there as well as hire more people.

An “all-digital training system,” T-7A Red Hawk jet trainers, and the MQ-25 Stingray, an autonomous refueling aircraft to be deployed from Navy aircraft carriers, are among the other things it produces in St. Louis.

Moreover, Boeing produces F-15EX Eagle IIs and wing parts for its next 777X at its St. Louis facility.

According to Steve Nordlund, vice president of Boeing Air Dominance and site leader in St. Louis, “We are planning for the future and making fighter aircraft is in our DNA.” We are using the same creativity and know-how that made the F/A-18 a workhorse for the US Navy and air forces across the world as we invest in and create the next phase of capability.

According to Boeing, the businesses have delivered more over 2,000 F/A-18s, including the first-generation model, which went into service in 1983.


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