Air India Express Unveils Striking Brand Identity and Aircraft Livery

In a noteworthy development, Air India Express, owned by the Tata Group, has revealed an exciting new brand identity marked by a vibrant color scheme primarily centered around shades of orange and turquoise. This unveiling of a fresh visual identity occurred at Mumbai Airport and represents a significant milestone in the airline’s journey.

The airline’s new visual identity features an active and premium color palette, with Express Orange and Express Turquoise taking the lead, while Express Tangerine and Express Ice Blue serve as secondary colors. The dominant presence of Express Orange symbolizes the airline’s core values of enthusiasm and agility, reflecting the warm and welcoming essence of India. In contrast, Express Turquoise embodies the brand’s style, modern sensibilities, and a digital-first approach.

The airline’s rebranding extends to its aircraft livery, with the first of the modern Boeing 737-8 aircraft drawing inspiration from traditional Bandhani textile designs. Upcoming aircraft will showcase patterns influenced by other traditional styles like Ajrakh, Patola, Kanjeevaram, and Kalamkari, showcasing India’s rich artistic diversity.

Aloke Singh, the Managing Director of Air India Express, sees this rebranding as a new phase in the airline’s growth and transformation journey, which begins with the induction of modern and fuel-efficient Boeing B737-8 aircraft. He also mentioned the airline’s plans to double in size within the next 15 months by adding 50 aircraft to the fleet and further expanding to about 170 narrow-body aircraft covering both domestic and short-haul international routes over the next five years.

Campbell Wilson, Chairman and Managing Director of Air India, highlighted the ongoing merger of Air India Express and AirAsia India, signifying a transformative shift in the aviation landscape.

In addition to the new visual identity, Air India Express introduced a signature sonic identity, featuring a lively melody and a musical logo that conveys the emotions of compassion, wonder, and valor, offering a harmonious welcome to the sounds of a new India.

This unveiling follows Air India’s rebranding on August 10, where it introduced ‘The Vista,’ a new brand identity inspired by the pinnacle of a golden window frame, symbolizing limitless possibilities. The Tata Group continues its efforts to consolidate its airline business, including the merger of Vistara with Air India, signifying a transformative phase in the aviation industry.

Air India Express’s new visual identity not only underscores its commitment to growth but also pays tribute to India’s rich cultural heritage through its aircraft designs, creating a stronger connection for passengers to the nation’s diverse artistic traditions.


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